Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 1/21/19

Vanderpump Rules

Just a few thoughts from the last few eps

  • Raquel is crazy for staying with James
  • Kristen is a little bit of a trigger for James
  • Stassi’s mom… wtf…
  • Scheana needs to figure out who she is
  • I’ve always said this and it’s still true: VPR LVP is way cooler than RHOBH LVP
  • I love Beau


It’s cool that Stassi started OOTD Day.

I also love Stassi’s darker hair.


Kristen is definitely a pot-stirring drama-starter but she just wanted some brunch.

I will never understand how Brittany deals with Jax.

I’m so excited to see Tom Tom.

Stassi and Beau are soooo freaking cute.

I want a Beau.

Tom doesn’t actually think he’s good at the trumpet…

Sometimes Katie sucks.

Billie is starting some SHIT right now. Wtf.

Wait, so Tom is mocking his own girlfriend by being at James’ on a Tuesday wearing a robe? And he just said “I need to be there for James.” Wait, what about your girlfriend and your girl friends? This is whack.

First of all, Katie didn’t not include Billie on purpose. And if she did, it wouldn’t have been because she’s trans.

Second of all, Katie went to brunch during Brunch with Billie. In a way, that is supporting Billie. Yet Billie cannot support Girls’ Night In? Hmm..


Real Housewives of New Jersey

I think it’s awesome that Teresa is doing the fitness competition.

I like Margaret a lot more this season than I did last season.

I don’t miss Siggy.

I don’t know why Bill doesn’t want Jennifer to go away. She needs to be her own person.

I wish Dolores would cut her hair.

The idea of Melissa having a third sister is wild! My cousins and I think our moms have a third sister too.

Teresa’s jean cut off is so cute.


Margaret’s hospital heroes idea is so so awesome.

Oh my gosh Teresa looks incredible! It’s so great that she did it for herself.

My hope is that Danielle isn’t around next season and that none of the girls are friends with her.

Idk how Teresa is so trusting of Danielle especially with their past.

It’s rude that Jennifer’s husband calls her “Boss” when he’s the one who controls her. All she wants is for him to spend time with the kids… which he should want to do…

Ohhhh boy. “It would’ve come out better if my brother did it.” Not cool, Jen. Omg and she called it ugly????????????? Woahhhhhhhhhhhh.


Here comes Danielle to swoop in with Jen and talk shit about Margaret.

Danielle is the worst. THE WORST.

I think Jen’s lip liner looks good, considering no one wears lip liner anymore.



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