Challenge Chatter 4.17.19

I didn’t blog last week because I’m lazy but I’m so glad Bear is gone.

Mattie is probably the best bartender.

Hopefully Da’Vonne is next to go home.

I hope Georgia gets over Bear. She can do so much better.

I’d take Wes over Paulie any day.

Nany has great hair.

I don’t have motion sickness but I feel like this challenge could change that.

Cara sucks at puzzles so she’ll probably suck at this.

Three minutes isn’t a very long time.

Damn I’m shocked Cara solved it.

Cara and Paulie are so annoying.

I want to see Mattie and Nany make it to the final. And Dee and Natalie I like them.

Yessss Mattie!

Female elimination. I’d like to see Da’Vonne or Cara go home.

Mattie, Wes, and Dee!!!! That’s awesome. Best tribunal ever.

Yes Cara and Da’Vonne. So far so good.

Cara is literally the bully. Nany is right.

I’d like a season without Cara and Paulie.

Nany is so so right about Cara’s transformation. It’s like she’s brainwashed.

Wes is so manipulative it’s wild.

Cara and Paulie are GROSS.

Ugh I wish Bananas and CT made it this far. I miss them.

There’s no way Mattie will make a deal to never say Paulie’s name.

Also any grown ass man who goes by Paulie is a tool.

Wes is such a good competitor.

Ugh Mattie why Georgia!!

Why Georgia guys why!!!!

Pick Cara and send her home.

Noooo why is the ep over 😦

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