Real Housewives Real Talk: Week of 4.14.19

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sooo weird that Ariana and Kristen are friends.

Wait why did James just leave like that…

Oh he’s back.

I can’t wait to read Stassi’s book.

Katie’s hair looks cute in the top bun.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Brittany is an angel for dealing with Jax.

Hmm maybe Kristen has matured.

Aw Lisa sent flowers for Lala that’s so sweet.

Good thing Randall is rich otherwise Lala wouldn’t be singing or acting.

I don’t love Lala’s look. Plus it’s very sexual to be wearing while singing for your dad.

Aw this moment between Lala and Stassi is cute.

This puppy shower makes me wanna vom.

Raquel’s mom being into Peter…

This isn’t how I pictured her mom…

Poo bag toss? WHAT THE HELL.

Damn Lala is never gonna drink again…

Hahhaa I love that Schwartz did this with the money. So extra.

This Oracle thing is… odd.

Stassi definitely has a little bit of demon in her.

This is some weird stuff. Perfect for the Witches of WeHo.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit is just so superficial to me.

Rinna wears so much cheetah I love it.

I love that Kyle is hanging with her sisters again.

But LVP isn’t missed so…

$30,000 for that little bug of a car?! It is cute.

Portia is too cute.

Lois is a G.

“Age is all about attitude.” Love that.

More animal print for Rinna.

$5,000 bag that looks like it was made for a doll??

Applying to the New School? Idk what that is.

LVP saying she wasn’t invited?? She’s gross.

And Camille not being honest? Also gross.

Denise got pizza. MY GIRL.

Oh Camille………… a 15 year old would tell her friends and parents she was harassed??? You are delusional.

It doesn’t make sense that someone chose to not disclose sensitive information? Woah.

Oh my Camille. She really thinks this woman would get up in front of the world and lie? For what???

Andy just called her delusional in the flashback. Maybe she is

Kyle is the best mediator.

The freakin bunny.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Kim.

Omg why is Camille crying?? “I’ve been the victim.” YOU’RE PLAYING THE VICTIM RIGHT NOW. SHOCKING.

And Kathy!!

Omg Kim and Rinna just completely ignored each other. Love it

Omg the story about Lois is so so so sad.

He became a serial killer? That is wild.

LVP wasn’t in this ep at all and I’m not even mad.

Real Housewives of New York City

I wonder if Scott and Tinsley get things officially this season.

Sonja you are only a Morgan by marriage and you’re divorced soooo.

Ramona is too much for me. One of my least favorite housewives.

They’re having so much fun I love it.

Barb is leaving? Bummer.

Bethenny walking in her uggs is making me sweat.

Aw this is so sad. I cannot imagine Bethenny’s pain.

I’m tired of hearing about the room.

It’s rude that Lu is talking about Bethenny.

Ramona always tries so hard with Bethenny.

I don’t like this conversation between Tinsley and Lu.

I think it’s normal that Tinsley doesn’t sympathize with Lu.

Russ is hot.

Bethenny is so freakin stunning.

Here’s Barb again.

Late people are rude.

Dorinda do not bring up the fish room wtf.

HAHA Sonja is so jealous. Barb loved it.

Hahah Dorinda’s phone sex voice is creepy.

“That made me so uncomfortable.” Same, Tins.

Tinsley is so boring sometimes.

Scott would be mad at her for calling???

Wtf kind of relationship is she in…

Dorinda and Barb aren’t gonna get along.

Sometimes Dorinda takes things too far.

I don’t think Scott is the guy for Tinsley.

“It’s literally torture.” Tinsley talking about trying to work it out with Scott WTF.


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