Challenge Chatter 4.24.19

Georgia and Nany??? Omg!!! Good for you, Georgia.

And they pick an ally?? Omg

Omg Georgia picked Turbo?? Shady but I love it.

I love Nany’s attitude.

Pretty shocked Nany picked Wes.

This is a wild challenge.

Wouldn’t wanna be Turbo.

Georgia is flustering Wes omg.

Ugh I think Wes really messed up.

Come on Nany.

Omg Georgia wow.

This was such a stupid challenge.

Georgia didn’t even do anything to be proud of!

Kyle please shave your head.

Interesting challenge.

Interesting partners.

Dee and a Kyle are a great team.

I really like Dee.

Ninja and Turbo aren’t communicating very well.

I like Ninja and Dee’s friendship.

Paulie and Georgia making the tribunal is a surprise.

Turbo and Ninja?! Aw maybe Ninja feels bad.

She didn’t trust him.

Wes and Da’Vonne??? That’s even more surprising.

Confused why Turbo is crying.

Aw I feel bad for Ninja.

Hunter is such a little baby.

He’s just gonna quit???? Ha.

Omg wahhhhhh such a baby.

He just wants attention.

I really enjoy Mattie.

She’s also so hot.

Oh shocking Hunter didn’t leave.

Turbo should accept her apology.

Def not seeing the elimination this ep.

Theo is floating through this game.

Paulie is gonna volunteer if Kyle is picked? He’s such a tool.

I kinda wish Paulie would do that. He’s such a loser.

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